Family attended ash scattering services offers family and loved ones the option to view the scattering services on one of our several vessels. Our vessels can accommodate up to 125 passengers. All of our vessels have indoor and outdoor seating, full wash room services, and have amenities for food and beverages. The size of our ships coupled with the protected waters that surround Newport Harbor provide ocean conditions that are comparable to an inland lake, for those that are concerned with motion sickness and challenging ocean environments, this can be quite comforting. With our family attended ash scattering service, the entire ship is reserved for only your group. Your reserved vessel departs from Newport Harbor and travels roughly 15 minutes to the harbor entrance. From Newport Harborís entrance to the selected location can vary from a few minutes to an hour or more depending on the distance to the selected location. Location options include Laguna Beach with beautiful coves and dramatic cliffs, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach with vast white sand beaches, or even Catalina Island. Once your vessel reaches the destination the scattering is performed. Once the scattering service is complete you can return to Newport Harbor or elect to stay out for an extended period of time either traveling the coastline or just cruising through the open ocean. Scattering services performed vary in both cost and duration based on your wishes. A standard burial at sea service lasts approximately 1 Ĺ hours but we can customize trip lengths to accommodate almost any wish.

Coastal Attended Service
Catalina Island Attended Service
Pricing is for a 1 1/2 hour service. Additional time may be added for an additional charge.
Pricing is for a 6 hour service. Additional time may be added for an additional charge.


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